Organic Alternatives

There are many natural remedies that, if used regularly and correctly, will help protect your crops from pests and diseases.  Adding a 'sticker', such as a few drops of detergent, to a home-made spray will help it stick to the leaves and be more effective.  Mix your concoction thoroughly and spray in the cool of the evening to avoid burning the foliage.  Always spray in still dull conditions (if possible) to prevent spray drift.  Wear suitable protective equipment even with organic sprays.  Spray the tops as well as the under sides of the leaves.

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Organic alternative to attack Gorse

I was asked on the weekend how to approach gorse without using a pesticide, I had my own theories but sought to find if there might be some other wonderful approach. After perusing the net, I came across this well written article by Nadene Hall on the New Zealand Lifestyle Magazine website.  As I suspected, it's really a 'roll your sleeves up' kind of task.  Well worth a read.